Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Discount vs. Traditional

So why should you get a discount plan over traditional. Maybe not over but in conjunction. But then many people don't even have traditional insurance. So then a discount plan is definitely what you need. If you look at both types, people have been conditioned to get traditional. Because, that is what they are told. And, so they think that is what is all they need. Wrong. Why, because if you look at how much someone pays monthly for traditional, it becomes overkill. Especially, if you add on dental. Dental insurance is called the luxury insurance. Not really needed, unless you have a mouth full of major problems. And that is still the wrong reason to have traditional dental insurance. There is nothing that a good discount plan can do to save you lots of dollars.

So what is the difference between discount and traditional. Money. When you look at how a discount plan works; you pay a low monthly membership fee. Then when you need to use a service you pay fee for service. Whether it’s by check, cash or credit; you pay the discounted fee. So, an example of a teeth cleaning. The member pays $19.95 a month for the plan and the teeth cleaning costs $48. If your going twice a year, that’s $96 plus the yearly amount of membership $239.40, totaling $335.40. Sounds like a lot. Not really. That membership is for the whole household. A teeth cleaning without any coverage will cost anywhere from $75.00 to $150.00. And if you have an oral exam ($100) , x-rays ($143) added, your bill has just gone up. Way up. When you have a discount plan, then you are saving anywhere from 25% to 80%. With a discount plan, that oral exam would only be $30 and x-rays $50. And, if you added up the cost for just one cleaning without coverage it can be around $393.00.

I would say so far you are saving so much more with a discount plan. $335.40 for 2 cleanings, compared to $393.00 for one with no coverage. But if you were paying for a traditional insurance, you may say…I get my cleanings for free. No. You are still paying that high monthly fee. The only exception would be, if you worked for a company that is paying for your insurance. That is rare. Very rare. And I say congrats to you who do. But, that is not really the case for most of us.

And if you do have traditional insurance, you can only use x amount of dollars per year. And if you don’t use what you have, it starts all over the next year. And if you get insurance, you have a waiting period before you can use it. With a discount plan, you pay for what is needed and when. There is no waiting period. I’ve put people in a dental chair within 45 minutes of signing up.

Of course, not only do you have discounts for you basic dental needs. There are major savings when root canals, bridges, extractions, etc. is needed.

And I only touched upon the dental program. Because; with my discount program, the $19.95 also includes services for chiropractic, prescription and vision. Now, you can see how much you will be saving over traditional. Oh, I haven’t even talked about our medical program, where you can even save way more. Check back at my next segment. Meanwhile, please take a look at my website www.benefitsave.com

Monday, December 29, 2008

Affordable Benefits

Here is a mini video ad I created. I posted it up on my YouTube, MySpace and Facebook sites.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As I sit here, just thinking about 2008. What changes I have made this past year to better myself. I think how lucky I am to have my health. I watched the burial of good friend who made so many people smile. She had a contagious laugh. You knew when she walked into the room, that this will be a great party. Now when there is a get together; my friend is always remembered. With some wetness in the eyes, big smiles always follow. And the changes I have made are to surround myself with positive people. Good friends that enjoy life.

What I wish I could have changed was to insist that another good friend would take out a membership that I offered. Now I know trying to twist someone’s arm to see what I have is what they need is not the way to go. It’s not good for relationships and especially for my business. But now he lies in a hospital with a stroke; that will take a very long time to come back from. And because he never became a member, he now may loose his home because of all the bills piling up. As a member, his partner who has to deal with finding money’s to pay the bills and a way to keep the house; wouldn’t have had to worry that much. Only; to put more of his energy into helping his friend recoup.

Once again I thank G-d for my health. Not only do I offer a wonderful discount benefits program. I am grateful that I also am a member. Even though I am in perfect health. It’s always best to be safe.

Unlike insurance that is very costly, my program is very affordable and saves me big dollars on all my health services. Now I can and I have listed some of my own personal testimonials; but if you would like to see how many others have also saved. And saved not only a few dollars, but also saved BIG! Please take this opportunity to check out the testimonial link on my website. www.benefitsave.com

Not only are there several programs to choose from. You can also get two extra benefits that are not health related but can help you with roadside and legal problems. Once again very affordable; because all the programs costs cover the whole household.

I wish you and your family a very healthy 2009.

Friday, December 5, 2008

December Special

If you haven't heard by now; you can save $20 to $60 on all AmeriPlan programs. Sign up in December for only $20. The one time registration is waved. Everyone should have an extra supplement discount plan.

As we all know the state of the economy has gotten hit hard and left many people,
loosing their jobs or just getting downsized. Which has many people tightening their wallets. Suzie Orman mentioned on Oprah that one of the first things people are doing to save money is dropping their insurance and that is WRONG! One of the most important things you need to have is some sort of insurance.
Another upsetting thing I hear are those who have traditional insurance; but when they end up getting some sort of medical procedure, x-rays, surgery, etc., done and then get hit with bills that their insurance didn't cover; the tears fall. Because those bills can add up to thousands of dollars they do not have. (This has happened to some of my friends who knew what I offered and didn't take advantage of it and now wishes they did.) So what is the solution..... EVERYONE should have some sort of Supplementary DISCOUNT Plan. What your insurance doesn't cover you can get a discount.

If you have traditional insurance please check the fine print.
And please get a discount plan. Why take the risk.

If your insurance doesn't include Dental, please get a discount plan.

If you do not have any insurance, please get a discount plan.
This one is very affordable.

If you want traditional insurance,
I suggest getting a HSA with catastrophic and then get a discount plan.

Please visit my website And Get up to 80% discount
on Dental, Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic, Medical, etc.
As low as $19.95 per month per household.
If you have questions call me at 407 921 4585

$100 in Groceries FREE with 3 month Total Health membership.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Save Today

Are you tired of paying full price for your prescriptions? I just talked to someone the other day and after she saw the doctor, she went to fill her prescription. She ended up paying full price of $80. If she called me just a few days earlier, she could have saved 50 - 80 percent on that prescription. Have you hurt yourself lately and need to go to the chiropractor? Save from 25 - 60 percent and oh the first visit is FREE. What about those eyes of yours.... Eye exams, glasses, contacts, etc. Save from 25 - 60 percent. Instead of spending $600, I personally got 2 pairs for half off. A $300 savings. Then there is one of the most important parts of your body; your smile. How is yours? Or maybe you are spending $75 - $150 just for a teeth cleaning. Cut that in half or even up to 80 percent. For more details and even some more benefits check out my website; http://www.benefitsave.com

A Big Thank You!

So, a friend of about 25 years called, left messages, e-mailed me for about 2 months before I finally talked to him. He kept wanting me to check out this business that he got into. I told him, no way. I was not interested in selling anything else. Did all those MLM's that sold vitamins, drinks, etc. I didn't want to be bothered with inventory and constantly filling and refilling orders. He assured me that wasn't the case and I should just come on down and check it out. Meanwhile, my face was on fire. Well my tooth was yelling up a storm and I knew a root canel was needed. I just kept putting it off, for financial reasons. No money and no insurance. And even when I did have insurance, dental wasn't covered. It's what you call Luxury insurance; and I wasn't in luxury to have it. So.... I finally said yes to my friend and went to this meeting. I get there.... Remember my tooth is in pain. And he hands me this brochure. My eyes bugged out when I read; Get up to 80 Percent Discount on Dental Services! It read 80 PERCENT DISCOUNT! I said; I can get a root canal and get up to 80 percent off. He said YES! I said well, I know I will definitely become a member. Then I went to the meeting. I sat there, crossed my arms; with a scowll on my face and watched this video, listened to the presentation. I went to 3 meetings. I saw some of my friends getting these checks on a daily basis. And figured that for only a few dollars more a month, I could get paid too. So I took the plunge and dove in. What I loved about this particular MLM. There are no pllls, lotions or potions to sell. It’s just an AWESOME Service to SHARE with Everyone. As an artist I never thought I would be passionate about dentists.. It's not that. I am very passionate about HELPING PEOPLE. Helping people SAVE money on their health services; and helping people MAKE money on their health services. Oh I forgot to tell you...The Cost is soooo AFFORDABLE only $14.95 for an individual and $19.95 for a whole household and whole household is everyone under the same roof.... No matter how many and you don’t' need to be related, no age limit and you don't have to like each other. Oh Wow, I bet you think this is only for your Dental Services... Wrong! You also get 3 extra services FREE.... PRESCRIPTION, VISION and CHIROPRACTIC. 4 affordable services! So if you have teeth, eyes, bones, take medication. This is the plan for you.... I know because I have saved sooo much money. Remember my root canal. I got it done and if I had to pay for it without any insurance or discounts… The root canal was $650 and the crown needed was $1000. That is a lot of money for an artist who gets paychecks every so often... But with this Dental Service; I saved big time! I paid only $325 for the root canal and only $425 for the crown. A 50 Percent Discount. So what is this AWESOME company! AmeriPlan®. So please go to my website and check out for yourself the incredible savings. http://www.benefitsave.com. Want to know how you too can make that residual income.... http://www.ididucan.com. And a BIG THANK YOU to my friend who didn't give up.