Friday, December 5, 2008

December Special

If you haven't heard by now; you can save $20 to $60 on all AmeriPlan programs. Sign up in December for only $20. The one time registration is waved. Everyone should have an extra supplement discount plan.

As we all know the state of the economy has gotten hit hard and left many people,
loosing their jobs or just getting downsized. Which has many people tightening their wallets. Suzie Orman mentioned on Oprah that one of the first things people are doing to save money is dropping their insurance and that is WRONG! One of the most important things you need to have is some sort of insurance.
Another upsetting thing I hear are those who have traditional insurance; but when they end up getting some sort of medical procedure, x-rays, surgery, etc., done and then get hit with bills that their insurance didn't cover; the tears fall. Because those bills can add up to thousands of dollars they do not have. (This has happened to some of my friends who knew what I offered and didn't take advantage of it and now wishes they did.) So what is the solution..... EVERYONE should have some sort of Supplementary DISCOUNT Plan. What your insurance doesn't cover you can get a discount.

If you have traditional insurance please check the fine print.
And please get a discount plan. Why take the risk.

If your insurance doesn't include Dental, please get a discount plan.

If you do not have any insurance, please get a discount plan.
This one is very affordable.

If you want traditional insurance,
I suggest getting a HSA with catastrophic and then get a discount plan.

Please visit my website And Get up to 80% discount
on Dental, Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic, Medical, etc.
As low as $19.95 per month per household.
If you have questions call me at 407 921 4585

$100 in Groceries FREE with 3 month Total Health membership.

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