Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Discount vs. Traditional

So why should you get a discount plan over traditional. Maybe not over but in conjunction. But then many people don't even have traditional insurance. So then a discount plan is definitely what you need. If you look at both types, people have been conditioned to get traditional. Because, that is what they are told. And, so they think that is what is all they need. Wrong. Why, because if you look at how much someone pays monthly for traditional, it becomes overkill. Especially, if you add on dental. Dental insurance is called the luxury insurance. Not really needed, unless you have a mouth full of major problems. And that is still the wrong reason to have traditional dental insurance. There is nothing that a good discount plan can do to save you lots of dollars.

So what is the difference between discount and traditional. Money. When you look at how a discount plan works; you pay a low monthly membership fee. Then when you need to use a service you pay fee for service. Whether it’s by check, cash or credit; you pay the discounted fee. So, an example of a teeth cleaning. The member pays $19.95 a month for the plan and the teeth cleaning costs $48. If your going twice a year, that’s $96 plus the yearly amount of membership $239.40, totaling $335.40. Sounds like a lot. Not really. That membership is for the whole household. A teeth cleaning without any coverage will cost anywhere from $75.00 to $150.00. And if you have an oral exam ($100) , x-rays ($143) added, your bill has just gone up. Way up. When you have a discount plan, then you are saving anywhere from 25% to 80%. With a discount plan, that oral exam would only be $30 and x-rays $50. And, if you added up the cost for just one cleaning without coverage it can be around $393.00.

I would say so far you are saving so much more with a discount plan. $335.40 for 2 cleanings, compared to $393.00 for one with no coverage. But if you were paying for a traditional insurance, you may say…I get my cleanings for free. No. You are still paying that high monthly fee. The only exception would be, if you worked for a company that is paying for your insurance. That is rare. Very rare. And I say congrats to you who do. But, that is not really the case for most of us.

And if you do have traditional insurance, you can only use x amount of dollars per year. And if you don’t use what you have, it starts all over the next year. And if you get insurance, you have a waiting period before you can use it. With a discount plan, you pay for what is needed and when. There is no waiting period. I’ve put people in a dental chair within 45 minutes of signing up.

Of course, not only do you have discounts for you basic dental needs. There are major savings when root canals, bridges, extractions, etc. is needed.

And I only touched upon the dental program. Because; with my discount program, the $19.95 also includes services for chiropractic, prescription and vision. Now, you can see how much you will be saving over traditional. Oh, I haven’t even talked about our medical program, where you can even save way more. Check back at my next segment. Meanwhile, please take a look at my website www.benefitsave.com

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